Vinyl Sheet Piles

 We encourage the installation of vinyl seawalls over conventional materials for increased longevity and environmental protection. 

Vinyl sheet piling has become the most popular product to use in constructing bulkheads and seawalls. The reason people are choosing vinyl sheet piling is that it is a better value than the former materials. Vinyl sheet piling last much longer, and the product we use has a 50 year guarantee. 

One of the suppliers we use is  Everlast Synthetic Products (ESP).  Their company says, "Vinyl sheet piling has made traditional materials like wood, steel, concrete, and aluminum obsolete. Traditional materials have no performance guarantee, and begin breaking down almost immediately in a salt-water environment. Everlast  offers the industry’s leading product warranty. It guarantees against issues like UV damage, corrosion, rot, rust and marine borer damage for 50 years."  

This warranty starts from the date of purchase. If you should sell your property, contact ESP prior to closing to transfer the warranty. 

Vinyl does not fade like wood does.  

"The components of a vinyl seawall are manufactured to some very strict and precise standards. There is virtually no room for error, so you are able to have a consistent product each time. This means an easy installation. For you as the homeowner, it means that the disruption on your property is finished quickly."


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